Author: David Smith

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Off-Road Driving Tips for SUVs

SUVs such as jeeps are well designed to be driven on streets and highways. In addition to this, these vehicles are also designed for functionality and fun in mind. There are some important things that every driver or car owner needs to know before venturing off-road with his or her vehicle.

Off-road driving requires skills, common sense, and patience, all of which can be improved by practising. In fact, this is one of the most enjoyable hobbies that are enjoyed by many people. You will find many parks, climbing areas and trails that are specifically designed for off-roaders. Most of these trails are located in beautiful places that feature beautiful sceneries.

Off-roaders are advised to be very careful not to cause any damage to these trails. They should be lest the way they were found. This post is going to share some of the practical tips that make off-road driving enjoyable. These tips will make the time spent on the trails more

Knowing where the wheels are pointed

It is important to know where the wheels of your car are positioned irrespective of the type of terrain the driver is off-roading on. Many steering corrections are made to safely maneuver the trails. What this might confuse you is you are not careful. Leaning out of the window can help you in checking the direction of the front wheels when you are driving. This can save the driver from crashing into a tree or rock or becoming stuck.

Knowing what your car is capable of

Some vehicles are not meant for off-road. The car owner should be aware of the ground clearance of his or her vehicle when off-roading. You will find a lot of trees, rocks, and other hard objects that are not present on the street or highways. Vehicles that are not high enough are more likely to get severally get damaged when they are driving over threatening rocks.SUV vehicle

Avoid going alone

Always remember that anything can happen when you are driving off-road, it is therefore important to make sure that have been accompanied by your friends when going off-road. Having a radio in your vehicle is also important. This will help you in getting connected with other people just in case something happens to your car. You can get help from friends just in case your vehicle happens to break down or get stuck on the trail.


Tips for Increasing The Performance of a Vehicle

Driving a high-performance vehicle is not only fun but also enjoyable. Such vehicles are also efficient when it comes to fuel consumption. The following are the effective tips that can help you in improving the performance of your vehicle.

Using branded engine oil

Always use branded or trusted engine oil. Oil that is heavier or lighter than the recommended one can end up ruining your engine. It can also decrease the fuel efficiency of the car by 2 %. The engine oil should be changed promptly for better fuel efficiency. This will also help you in maintaining your vehicle until the next time when oil is changed.engine oil

Changing the tires

Badly worn and ruined tires are very dangerous. They are among the leading causes of accidents and killers of the car’s mileage. Old cars do not have the capacity of holding air pressure. This is what results in high fuel consumption because most of the engine power is used in maintaining the high pressure of the tires. Where possible, you should ensure that the car tires are in good condition. This will increase the car mileage and save fuel by 3 %.

Tune up

With the advancement in technology, better vehicles have been produced. They have a better mileage per gallon, and they are available at an affordable price. Vehicles that were bought some years back should be tuned up to improve their performance. This can also be done by maintaining them regularly. Timely tune up and constant maintenance of the vehicle are helpful in saving fuel consumption and improving the overall performance if a vehicle.

Oxygen sensor replacement

These sensors play an essential role in a vehicle. They are meant to ensure that the vehicle is running smoothly. They should be replaced regularly once they become outdated. For more MPG these sensors should be replaced after every three thousand miles.

Cleaning the engine’s compartment of your car plus inside

This is something that is ignored by many people. Any unnecessary item that is left in the car can contribute to extra weight. This means that you will need more fuel to pull the extra engine

Gas cap

The gas cap is that seal that covers the fuel tank. Any damage to the gas cap can lead to evaporation of fuel. This can, in turn, lead to a fall in MPG performance. The fuel cap should be kept in a healthy state because gasoline has a low vaporization temperature of 350 degrees. Failure to repair the gas cap can lead to serious health issues that might cost you a lot of money.